Child Support

When parents separate, due to dissolution or if the parties were never married and have decided to go their separate ways, determining child support becomes a crucial element in a case.

Each parent has a legal obligation to support his or her minor or legally dependent child.

Child support is calculated in the child support worksheets by using a formula based parent’s combined net income, the number of overnights spent with each parent, and the cost of common expenses such as health care and daycare incurred by the parents for the benefit of the children. The worksheet is intended to provide the children with the financial support they would receive if living in an intact household with both parents.

The formula employed by the worksheet may result in a transfer payment from one parent to the other. In cases where the parents share roughly equal timesharing with the children, there may not be a transfer payment.

Family law final judgments such as child support orders are never absolutely “final” in that they can be modified to reflect substantial changes in circumstances. Timesharing modifications, parental relocations, and increase in income for one or both of the parties are examples of substantial changes in circumstances that might require revisiting the child support order.

Why Hiring An Experienced Attorney Matters For Your Child Support Case

Child support is determined based on the net incomes of both parents. For some, net income can easily be derived from a W-2 wage statement. However, for others, the situation can become significantly more complex. For example, a parent may have real estate holdings and investment income, income from a separate business, or intricate income structures involving commissions, bonuses, profit-sharing, and pension plans.

The judge has the authority to deviate from the formula amount, either upward or downward, if convinced that such a deviation is necessary or fair. This decision is made based on a number of statutory factors that may or may not apply in your case.

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